11 November 2017

2017 - I blinked. It Was Gone.

I can't believe it's been a year since I 'blogged' on here. It's not that I haven't thought about putting posts up, I have. The thing is, aside from having a particularly difficult year, the enjoyment I get from blogging hasn't been the same since the site was hacked a few years back with everything deleted. It's probably also fair to say that music blogs have become a thing of the past, or so it seems. I certainly frequent them less than I used to. Not to mention the platform is quite dated and over complicated (for what it is), just as Wordpress is for a casual user. There are much more user friendly platforms, although they all have their flaws like Facebook (which was also hacked and deleted, numbers have never recovered on the Mixa page) and needing to pay for anyone to actually see posts (never done it Zuckerburger, never will), Tumblr which started out okay, but it's never really moved forward and it's turning into a bit of a porn hub, Twitter has never really grabbed me and there are countless others that have come and gone, including myspace which was very much alive and kicking when this blog started up.

It's fair to say that I need to consider how long I'll keep this thing going. Am I flogging a dead horse? What would I even do if things did pick up again, could I maintain it? At the peak, the site was getting around 2500-3500 hits a month, which wasn't bad considering it was a hobby blog, never made a penny out of it, which didn't really bother me as I've had other things going on in life that demanded a lot of my time and I couldn't fully commit to it like others who started up around the same time as I did. Many have come and gone, few have remained. We'll see how things pan out, but if I keep this page going, I imagine it'll be as much about keeping it as a placeholder for my domain name with the irregular pattern of posting persisting. 

Listener numbers are way down in general. I don't know if folk generally don't like the music I play now, or perhaps it's more that I'm not plugging and sharing like before. It's hard to tell but nobody really engages with me in a music sense, it's been that way for a while now and the last time I was asked for a mix was probably a good 18 months ago - even that fell through and I ended up just posting it on my own Soundcloud. I've definitely withdrawn from the social aspect over the course of time, probably for a few years now, but for several years I did the whole ass kissing thing - like, share, post, blog, plug, tag, comment etc etc etc and realised that most music folk really are only interested in the social aspect to enhance their own profile - none of it really sits that well with me to be honest, and I see so much of it online, the fakeness stands out a mile and I just can't be bothered. I started it for my own enjoyment and lost my way, really to 'keep up' with what others were doing. In reality I never gave a shit, and I should have stuck to my own path.

Soundcloud definitely isn't as popular as it used to be, and the stories / rumours, call it what you will, of them being on the verge of collapse are never too long apart. It's definitely an expensive platform, and one that never really moves forward with positive changes. I really do like the Hearthis platform a lot better, and it's much better priced, but there still is room for improvement and user numbers aren't as high as Soundcloud. That said, I do prefer it over Mixcloud and the other options that are out there. In terms of listener numbers, I don't know if I can justify paying for Soundcloud now. It wasn't so bad when there was a more community feel to it, but that doesn't seem to be there any more. I end up unfollowing people because of the abusing of the system (using it to serve their interests would be how they view it) in order to keep their music on top of the feed - creating playlists, having multiple accounts, paying or having friends post on their pages so they can reblog every other day. It does seem, if you can't beat them, join them - but I can't be arsed with that shit. We'll see how things go over the next few months (my pro-account expires around April), but it might be down to a free account and then just keep things going with Hearthis. I've probably missed the boat with carving out an existence through music, so I should probably cut my cloth accordingly.

So with that whinge fest / news update / block of never to be read text out of the road, I'll post 5 "mixes" I've done this year that a limited number have listened to, in 5 posts to keep things neat and post up the tracklists, just like I've always done.

Come back next year for the latest instalment of 'why do I even bother'.

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