Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mixamorphosis - Back To The Beats

I'm back! Apologies for the lack of mix and blog action of late. I've had a lot on my plate recently, but I have had a little free time this week and decided to get back to the beats. I can't promise I'll be a prolific writer on the blog, but I'll be trying to get some more regular posts up.

To mark the return to action, I'm posting a fresh mix I've recorded this evening and I hope you will find some time to listen to it and enjoy it.

Feel free to share, download, comment etc etc etc.


01. Tesla Boy - In Your Eyes (Volta Cab Remix) - free download on Soundcloud
02. Deadly Sins - I Can Feel It
03. Wetty Bright - Slip & Do It (V Feels So Good Edit)
04. Chic - Forbidden Lover (Janefondas Edit)
05. Rocco Raimundo - Give Me Your Love
06. LTJ - Turn Me On
07. KC & The Sunshine Band - I Get Lifted (Cilly & Pilly Edit)
08. Craig Hamilton - Lay It Down
09. Dynamicron - Never Ever (Dynamicron Romanticron Edit)
10. Leon - Nice To Meet You (Dave Allison Remix)
11. Nicholas - Can You Understand?
12. The Noodleman - Goin' Down (Goin' Down)
13. Frank Booker - Boss
14. Sirarcusa - Streap-Tease in The Stars (The Way I Do)


  1. Really enjoyed this mix.. Thank you :) x x

    1. :) :) :)

      Thank you Pixi! Really happy to hear that you enjoyed it! xxx