Saturday, 21 January 2012

Chubbie Boots - The Cracks Are Starting To Show

'The Cracks Are Starting To Show' from Chubbie Boots is the latest release on the reliably good Audio Parallax label. Its been a while since I put up a dedicated post to any release from any label, and although APR releases featured in Soundcloud Sunday on a regular basis and I've used some APR tracks in my own mixes as well as including APR in my charts most months, I don't think I've had an APR release as the sole subject of a post. So I thought I ought to fix that with the release of this fantastic EP.

Chubbie Boots, aka Gavin Walsh, hails from Melbourne, Australia. A city that seems to have a blossoming talent pool judging by the amount of great music I hear coming from there, particularly over the past couple of years. From what I can gather this is Chubbie Boots debut release, and what a strong release it is. To my ear there are no fillers here; every track is more than capable of leading the EP. If you want to pigeon hole the EP then I'd suggest it would fit the tag of Leftfield or Downtempo more than the Disco pages that Juno have tucked it into, but we all have our own opinions about where music belongs and to be honest, if I had it my way I'd simply describe it as interesting music.

There is no point in trying to use words to describe it when I have a player here that you can use to listen to the music. If you like what you hear, you can pick the EP up over at Juno now.


As a bonus I've also posted a freshly uploaded track from Chubbie Boots that you can download via Soundcloud for free.

Chubbie Boots - Don't Eat The Acid Jam [Download]

Links to Chubbie Boots: Soundcloud / Facebook / TumblR

Links to Audio Parallax: Soundcloud / Facebook / Website / Juno

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