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Soundcloud Sunday #04

Soundcloud Sunday #04

This weeks Soundcloud Sunday is the 4th in the series and I've got a nice selection of tracks lined up to round off the first month of doing this.

Before I go on to post the tracks I want to explain a few changes I've made or will be making to the blog. The first change is that the standalone 'Links' page has been removed and replaced with 'Label Links'. This is very much a "work in progress" and will continue to grow over time. The plan for the 'Label Links' page is that I want to try and provide as many links as possible to labels that have featured on the blog, whether that be in DJ mixes or with individual tracks. Not all labels have websites, but where I can, I will provide the links. Once I have the 'Label Links' page up and running properly I am going to try and add an 'Artists Links' page which I will set up in a similar way. The links that I had in the previous 'Links' page haven't been consigned to the bin; as soon as I've got time I aim to bring a list of links to other blogs and useful reference sites on to the front page. It will take some time to get things set up the way I want, but hopefully when it is done it will be a good and useful addition to the site.

One final point - it feels like an age since I last posted a mix of my own onto the blog. There is one in the pipeline, I'm just taking my time finding the right tracks for it. It's looking like it'll be a pretty long mix and it will be very eclectic. So keep an eye out for that over the next week or so.

Now, on to the music -


This is the first of two tracks from Appo that I am posting this week. The first is a remix of a 1991 release from Chris Rea. As I mentioned in a previous Soundcloud Sunday post, I really do enjoy a lot of Appo's remixes because he does clearly put a lot of work into his remixes/edits. The tracks get a proper rework and it is done with a lot of respect paid to the original releases.

The second track being posted from Appo is a remix of one of the records that (in my opinion) really kick started the house music scene. I was only 5 years old when the original version was released, and I only actually heard it for the first time in the late 90's when I picked up the vinyl in a collection of records I bought. When I first played it I figured it was from the very late 80's so I was pretty surprised when I found out it was from '82. The original track is Montana Sextet - Heavy Vibes and if you have a listen to that you can really hear the foundations of house rhythm. Granted, it is technically a 'disco' record as that was the genre that was coined when this was released in 1982, but without records like this, the house scene may never have happened.

Links - Appo on Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Website


This track seems to have been surfacing quite a lot recently in various guises. The original is from 1974, but my first encounter with it came under the guise of 'Gazeebo - Cokehead' which I used in my Deep Disco Inferno mix last year. I've heard a few different versions over the last year, mostly edits on Soundcloud, for me, it's a toss up between the Gazeebo version and this version from Jay Negron for the best that I've heard.

If you haven't heard of Jay Negron (or J-ski), head on over to his Soundcloud page. In his profile there is a really interesting bio on the man, I assume it was taken from an interview he did for another website, but it gives a great insight into how things happened for him.

Links - Jay Negron on Soundcloud // Facebook


The first of two tracks from Matthew Kyle that are going into this weeks Soundcloud Sunday. M.K. featured in a Soundcloud Sunday post a couple of weeks ago with his Self Indulgent Slow Poke Mix and this track was featured in that mix. The track is due for release this week and is limited to 300 vinyl copies only - there will be no digital release for this. I'm hoping to pick up a copy at Juno myself, but I think I'm going to need to be quick off the mark. This track has already amassed approaching 13,000 plays on Soundcloud in 2 months and I think the demand will outstrip the supply.

The second track from M.K. is a deep / slo-mo house reworking of the classic Minnie Riperton track 'Inside My Love'. I am a huge fan of Minnie Riperton, her amazing voice is something that I doubt will ever be matched let alone improved upon. A lot of people don't like classic tracks being remixed or re-edited, I don't go along with that though. To me, all music is new music until 'you' actually hear it for the first time. If the first time someone hears an artist or track through the use of a remix or re-edit, and it leads them to find out more and hear more from the original artist, then that is a very good thing.

Links - M.K. on Soundcloud


Super Mal are London based duo Lyndon Coyne and Jay Crompton. This remix of their's has been available on Soundcloud for the past few months but I only recently stumbled across it. This classic French house track has been remixed by amateur producers many times, but rarely can it be carried off. This is without doubt one of the best remixes of this particular track that I've found and it is this reason I decided to share it in my Soundcloud Sunday post, despite being a few months old now.

Links - Super Mal on Soundcloud // Twitter // Facebook // Myspace // Youtube


There isn't really much I can say about this. It's just a really solid and deep remix of a classic. The guys who are Cisco Cisco don't have a huge amount of followers on Soundcloud yet, so if you are a member of the site, head over to their page and show them some support.

You can grab the download via Sendspace [Here]

Links - Cisco Cisco on Soundcloud

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